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My career in Audio/Video started over 40 years ago. Throughout this journey I've been able to assemble some of the worlds best equipment for thousands of clients. Today I use my expertise to help Muskokans build custom fit audio and video systems for their home or cottage.

Join me in my passion. I love to help others discover and embrace the love of high quality products and solutions. I look forward to showing you a few of my favourite products soon!

David Johann
Meet David
David Johann

Welcome to my home!

My career in Audio/Video started over 40 years ago. Having the ability to assemble some of the worlds best equipment and assisting thousands of customers, gives me a great sense of satisfaction.

“There’s no place like home”. My recommendations are designed to make you feel the passion in the artists performances, whether music or movies, I want everyone to have an absolutely remarkable audio/video experience… all in the comfort of your own home.

I design and work with all varieties Audio/Video equipment such as: Distributed Whole House Audio, in all of your desired areas, both indoor and out; Exotic Two-Channel real life Systems; Home Automation, working with you to to exceed your dreams and Home Theatre Systems that are Musical as well as impactful.

There is no substitute for experience. I have listened to and worked with music reproducing systems for more than 40 years… Correct acoustical placement and style of speaker is critical for optimizing sound. It is so much more, than’ just the ability to install wire’.

Join me in my Audio and Video passion, I love to help others discover and embrace the love of high quality products and solutions. I look forward to showing you a few my favourite products soon.


David Johann

Home Theatre

Home Theatre & The Art of Listening

Home Theatre systems are usually very exciting and almost always not very musical. The TV picture tells us what we are listening to, unlike high quality Two-Channel Systems, that must communicate this by sound alone.

When a Home Theatre System is assembled with music in mind, it is infinitely more satisfying to listen to. This sounds simple enough, although placing multiple speakers in a room and having them work seamlessly without exciting too much of the room acoustics, can be very challenging. This is where the art of listening comes in.

Dedicated Home Theatre Rooms can be acoustically treated to help, but many rooms cannot afford the luxury of this sound treatment. Then the choice of equipment and placement and the tuning of the system are critical. You can imagine the worlds finest guitar or piano being played grossly out of tune..! Not very enjoyable and unfortunately, more Home Theatre Systems sound this way than not.

Taking the time and listening to the room is an art that takes time to develop. I look forward to successful installations of musical home theatre systems.

Home Automation

Custom Home Automation

Home Automation can be made to sound like it is a perfect addition to a home or cottage and sometimes it truly is… and sometimes it is not.

The ability to enter your home and touch one light switch and to have it set the entire lighting throughout your home in a variety of scenes is very cool. Visually checking your home from your i-Phone or Android device from remote locations, controlling powered blinds, alarm, HVAC systems and distributed music is all glorious, provided you desire this.

Taking the time to discuss the pros and cons of Home Automation is most important. Ultimately we all want to enjoy our homes as they are our sanctuary. We should be comfortable with all aspects of our homes, especially the electronic devices we use daily.

My goal is always the same, install what is right for the individuals involved. Questions are the answers. If you simply install a Home Automation System without taking an hour or two to fully understand it, it may become a big mistake. On the other hand with informed and careful planning and the choice of reliable equipment as well as a great programmer, it can be absolutely fantastic.

Looking forward to a fun talk !

Distributed Audio

Distributed Audio Systems

Distributed Audio I feel is a ‘must’ in todays homes and cottages.

Hearing music from one location and simply turning the volume up to an excessive level, to hear it in other areas, can be and almost always is, annoying.

The best systems bathe the house in gentle sound and should also provide ease of use. Most of us have music in our lives daily from somewhere. When it is my home, I want it to be warm and enjoyable. Keeping it simple is paramount.

The Distributed Whole House Audio System should be intuitive to use, so that anyone, even a first time visitor can understand how to make everything work.

The more wireless devices we add, the better the system works in terms of the transmitting and receiving. This is great, because once you add it to one room you will absolutely fall in love with it’s subtle sounds and want to add it to every area of the house.

Together with the ability to control the sound with iPads, iPhones and Android devices, you can truly have your favourite tunes where you want it, when you want it.

Two-Channel Audio

Exquisite Two-Channel Audio

Well, here is where my deepest passions lie…Imagine hearing your favourite artist or performance in the privacy of your own home, anytime you want it!

There are some systems that will transport the musicians into your home or cottage in a totally lifelike manner.

I have been an Audiophile for over 40 years and have had many such systems in my personal homes. I cannot tell you how many thousands of hours I have enjoyed listening to one of these systems and can’t imagine not having had this in my life to enjoy.

Assembling one of these systems is an art form in and of itself. I would love the opportunity to speak to you about the World of Two-Channel Sound, done properly!

This is a gift you give yourself every time you listen to it and share it with your family and friends.

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